Lemon Juice and Coffee The Unlikely Duo

Lemon Juice and Coffee The Unlikely Duo

Coffee and lemons are two common items found in pantries around the world. Both are also often said to reap individual benefits when it comes to weight loss. However, it wasn’t until a recent TikTok user suggested that the combination of the two can help burn fat faster that people started to get curious about this unlikely duo.

The #coffeeandlemondiet trend took TikTok by storm recently, with many users giving it a go. Some have claimed that the mixture offers fat-burning and skin-improving properties among its list of benefits while others say it does nothing.

But does it really work?

The trend certainly has dieticians raising their eyebrows in regards to the actual health benefits it poses. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look into whether or not putting lemon juice into your coffee actually helps you lose weight.

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The Benefits of Lemon and Coffee

For a lot of us, coffee is part of our daily routine – a life force, if you will, that helps us kickstart our day. On its own, the world’s most popular hot drink offers many benefits to those who drink it. This includes increased energy levels, better concentration, as well as the burning of fat.

Lemons, on the other hand, are among the most popular citrus fruits in the world. They are high sources of vitamin C, support a healthy heart, and, of course, can help you control any weight loss. Dieticians have long claimed the benefits of lemon juice in reducing calory intake. For instance, by adding some lemon juice to your meal, you are actively slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates.

This recent social media trend has gotten people all over the world squeezing lemon juice into their morning coffee as a way of aiding weight loss.

Let’s learn the truth behind the claim.

Fact vs. Fiction

Many dieticians have debunked the myth by saying that adding lemon juice to a cup of coffee offers no direct correlation to weight loss. The TikToker who started the trend herself concluded that a week after giving it a go, she saw no difference and has since switched to using apple cider vinegar daily (another weight-loss trend that is also under scrutiny).

However, despite the trend being a questionable weight-loss strategy, there may be a reason why some claim that it works. Consuming the drink often could lead to a decreased appetite. This suggests that any weight loss that takes place as a result of this dietary hack is indirect and not immediately linked to the combination itself.

In terms of improving the condition of your skin, lemon juice on its own has long been scientifically proven to help. When used over time, a high lemon juice intake can visibly brighten up and clear your skin. This is due to the rich amount of vitamin C present in the fruit, which helps maintain healthy collagen levels and reduce the signs of acne. However (unless it’s a face mask), there is no evidence to suggest that adding lemons to your coffee will help improve your skin.

The Final Verdict

It’s safe to say that there isn’t a lot of evidence out there to support the claim that adding lemon juice to your coffee is going to help you lose weight. However, it poses no harm either.

While both coffee and lemon have individual benefits, whether you want a combination of the two as part of your daily routine is completely up to you. Some may not enjoy the taste it creates while others may see the addition of lemon as a way to cut through the bitterness and make the drink more enjoyable.

The bottom line is, if you enjoy the taste, by all means, put lemon into your coffee. However, don’t expect to magically start losing weight as a result.

Have you tried the coffee and lemon diet? Did it work for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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