Watch Out for Potentially Contaminated Milk From This Brand

Watch Out for Potentially Contaminated Milk From This Brand

Grocery shopping has taken a U-turn for many Americans over the past few years, it seems. First, Crock-Pot recalled almost a million multi-cookers due to potential safety hazards. Then, the Canyon Bakehouse recalled their white bread and gluten-free bagels for potential gluten presence.

This article keeps you informed about yet another recall to watch for as you head out grocery shopping.

Cozy Vale Creamery Milk Recalled

Cozy Vale Creamery is a fresh milk company in Tenino, WA, that also specializes in fresh cream, eggs, and beef. The company officials recently made a statement to customers that their raw skim and whole milk and cream products have E. coli. The products in question include:

  • Gallon containers
  • Half-gallon containers
  • Quart containers
  • Pint containers

The presence of the harmful bacteria was detected by the Department of Agriculture of the state of Washington. It’s found in the cream that’s processed simultaneously as whole milk and skim milk products.

The recalled products are those with best-by dates of 12/14 through to 12/23.

Where Can These Products Be Found?

The contaminated milk was available for sale at an array of retail stores in Western Washington, including Olympia Food Co-op, Marlene’s Market, and Organic 101. The company urged all customers who purchased their milk from these retail stores with the above best-by dates to dispose of the products immediately. The customers can return the packaging for a full refund.

The notice states that the inspection didn’t detect any pathogens in the whole milk and raw skim products, though they all originate from the same milk as the cream in which the bacteria was detected. The company, along with the WSDA, got together to address the issue further.

E. Coli Symptoms

If you have consumed some of these products, watch out for symptoms of E. coli. They can vary for each person, primarily severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, low-grade fever (less than 101˚F,) and bloody stool.

The symptoms of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) infection often take three to five days to appear after consuming contaminated products. However, the effects can be felt on the very first day or even 10 days later. As such, customers should take note of how they feel for up to 10 days after consuming Cozy Cale Creamery raw and skim milk and cream products.

Most people who get sick would feel better within a week of consuming products with E. coli. Some infections are mild in nature, while others can be life-threatening. If you experience diarrhea that lasts for more than three days, a high fever of more than 102 ˚F, or excessive vomiting, you may want to visit the ER.

Finding an Alternative

If you’re a fan of Cozy Vale Creamery products, you may want to consider switching to another brand and avoid getting food poisoning right before the holiday season.

Safety First

If you recently purchased Cozy Vale Creamery milk in the state of Washington, make sure to check the packaging for the best by date. All products with a best-by date of 12/14 to 12/23 should be thrown out or returned immediately.

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